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Handmade Wool Felt Round Coaster


🐑Wool Felt Coaster🐑

Includes: ONE single felt coaster.


☁️ Dimensions

▫️Diameter: 10cm=3.9“

▫️Weight: 0.56 oz / 1 Coaster

☁️ Features

- 100% pure sheep wool of finest quality
- Handmade
- Natural, renewable resource
- Unique, fun design
- Thick and super absorbent material


① Avoid exposure to high temperatures and open flames. For stains, use a cotton cloth for cleaning; refrain from using abrasive materials like steel wire balls to prevent scratching.
② Each item is individually handcrafted, resulting in unique variations in size, patterns, and designs.
③ Wool exhibits natural resistance to dirt and possesses self-cleaning properties, repelling dust and liquids. It does not require frequent washing with water. Gentle hand washing and flat air drying are recommended when necessary.
④ Dimensions are manually measured and may slightly deviate. Please rely on the actual product for precise measurements.